About Us

Midwest Search Dogs is located in Central Indiana and is a completely volunteer organization. We are dedicated to training highly qualified K9s for Search and Rescue of lost or missing persons. We provide several search disciplines, free of charge, to assist Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, EMA, and Government Agencies in our community. Our team has individuals trained and certified to nationally recognized search standards, both K-9 and Ground SAR Responder.


To provide certified K9s and skilled ground personnel to locate lost and missing people; living or deceased. We provide our services only to public service agencies.


Midwest Search Dogs was founded by a small group of volunteers in 1990 on the idea of creating a team of strong dogs and handlers with solid skills in map, compass, lost person behavior, and all-weather durability. A professional group that brought team effort each and every time they were called upon and knew that any success or set back was not on an individual, but on the team. 30 years later, we still hold to those same foundations and work hard to keep what they created improving, evolving, and staying true to the mission: Being the best we can be when the call for help goes out.

In 2001, two of our founding members would make us more proud then we could have ever imagined. Tony and Annette Zinstmaster, along with their FEMA certified disaster dogs, Kaiser and Max, answered the call that one September evening. For the next 7 days they would work tirelessly with professionalism and selflessness with whatever task they were assigned.

To this day we continue to honor those values by not only remembering Tony and Annette’s hard work and dedication, and the countless others that came together that day, but by continuing to train to those high standards that where put in place from the beginning.


“We concentrated on doing a professional job, which helped us to focus on the event at hand rather then the enormity of the event”

-Tony Z.
(Dog Heroes of September 11th)
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